I consider myself a major cinephile. Movies these days are becoming more and more formulaic nowadays. We need to look back to see what made movies truly great. The biggest problem is that Hollywood is no longer willing to take chances on new ideas. New ideas that are given a decent budget are often heavily interfered with by the studios. Directors are no longer allowed to create their vision. The studios are so concerned with appealing to all audiences that their meddling usually ruins the movies and then no one wants to see them. Even great company's such as Marvel suffer from this problem. Joss Whedon was unable to make the Avengers sequel he wanted to because Marvel was so concerned with fitting in enough easter eggs, enough references to future movies, and enough action that Joss was unable to make the movie he wanted. Marvel also had Edgar Wright hired to make Ant Man. His script was praised as the greatest script Joss Whedon had ever read. Marvel Proceeded to fire Edgar because his vision did not fit perfectly with their vision for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Here is a list of my top ten films that I think are wholly original ideas and what Hollywood desperately needs more of.


Ever since I was young I have loved to read. Once I was reading a book, sat it down and come back to wonder why the TV was off. Spent 10 minutes trying to find what channel I was watching. I can get completely engrossed in books and feel as if I am watching a movie. Honestly, there is nothing better than a good book. I own close to a 1,000 printed books, and around 100 e-books. It isn't hard for me to find a book series that I love and I will keep reading them as long as the author writes them; even if I've long outgrown them.
This is a list of my favorite books and series since I was younger until now.


Playing and watching sports is one of my favorite things to do in my free time. Soccer and Baseball were my favorite sports to play. I was also on a basketball team but I like to pretend that never happened. My dodge-ball skills would make White Goodman jealous, and my badminton skills are unmatched. Football and Basketball are the only sports that I can't play convincingly.
I am from Long Island and yet I am a die hard Patriots fan. This often shocks people and often leaves me as the enemy at super bowl parties. However, I would like to blame my dad for this one. The first super bowl party I went to was the 2003 Patriots win. Also, whenever my dad and I played Madden he played as the Jets and never let me, so I just played as the only other team I knew, the Patriots. I have been a Pats fan since 2004, and my dad has been unable to tell people I'm his son at football parties ever since. In baseball I am a Mets fan, and for soccer I root for PSG and Bayern Munich.

TV Shows

I certainly watch more TV than is healthy and I binge watch shows like it's my job. Seven season of How I Met Your Mother in 2 weeks. Three Seasons of Game of Thrones in a weekend. Every house of card season the day it is released. I believe the amount of TV shows i have watched has given me a good idea of what constitutes good television. Here is my list of my favorite TV shows; I truly believe these are all great shows.... with the exception of The Walking Dead. It is simply an entertaining show that i have committed over four years to and I can't abandon it now, no matter how much it pisses me off.