My Computer

My computer is the one thing that no matter how good it is, it can never be good enough. I love my computer, but it isn't perfect, it can never be perfect. That's a good thing, because perfection is boring. If something is perfect, that means you no longer get to work on it, no longer can you strive to make it better. All those long hours pouring, blood, sweat, tears, and money into it would be over. It would just sit there taunting you to make it better, knowing all the while that you couldn't. That is why I love technology, there is no such thing as perfect. Companies will try to tell you that their new laptop, new phone, new whatever is perfect, and you'll but it. 6 months later, they'll tell you that their new version is perfect and that all those bugs from the old version are gone. It is just one lie after another, and everyone buys into them. That's why I love my computer, I don't demand perfection, I simply strive to make it better, and no matter what I do it can always get better.
My computer isn't perfect, but this is what I currently have making it great.

My Build

These are the components that currently make up my computer:

My Desk Setup

I am currently running a dual monitor setup, along with my 42 inch TV attached as a third display. Defending my displays are my Funko Pop figurines. From left to right they are, Captain America, Thor, Ant-Man, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Goku in his super sayian form, Vegeta, Khal Drogo, The Govenor, Rick Grimes, Groot, and Batman. They are defending a 23.6 inch Samsung S24E390HL Monitor, a 23 inch Samsung S23C570H Monitor, a 2TB Seagte External Hardrive, and a Logitech Speaker System. The keyboard is the Alienware TactX keyboard(I like things that glow)and the mouse in a Razer Taipan.

The Inside of My Case

As you can probably tell I love LED lights. Displayed front and center is my GTX 780 video card. That thing can run just about any game on max settings. Yes it can run Crysis. The only downsides of my case are the CPU cooler and the power supply. The CPU cooler extends slightly too far and prevents me from using the first RAM slot. Therefore I can only use 2 of the 4 slots. The power supply cable that powers the motherbaord is slightly too short and I had to run the cable across the video card and over the motherboard. Other than that my case is neatly organized and has space for quite the expansion. I can easily fit another Video Card and 3 more hard drives. The only thing my case needs is more LED lights.

The Outside of My Case

My case is the NZXT Phantom 410 in gunmetal steel. Damn is it a big case, while I do enjoy all the space it offers, it is very big and very heavy. This makes transporting it both challenging and annoying. On the plus side in always draws attention and looks really cool. My second computer uses the same case but in a white and blue color scheme.