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Posted on 1st Aug 2015

Before Seeing It

What Makes Me Want to see it:

Back around 2011 I had heard rumors of this movie. The screenwriter, Kurt Sutter wrote this film as a follow-up of sorts to 8 Mile with Eminem attached to star. I am a huge fan of Eminem and 8 Mile is one of my favorite movies. I was extremely excited to see Eminem in another movie. In 2012 Eminem decided to put the movie on hold to focus on his music. Instead of a Southpaw starring Eminem, we got The Marshall Mathers LP 2. The film was then put on hold until 2014 when Jake Gyllenhaal decided to star in the film and Antoine Fuqua came on to direct. I had almost forgotten about this film, however Gyllenhaal is one of my favorite actors and I thought he could make this a great film. Once the first trailer dropped I knew I was going to see the film. Gyllenhaal looked Phenomenal and it seemed like he was going to turn in another amazing performence. When he immerses himself in roles they turn out amazing. Nightcrawler, Prisoners, End of Watch, and Donnie Darko are all fantastic films that Gyllenhaal sells on his performance alone. He very rarely turns in less than an outstanding performance. The trailer is what sold me on this film, yet I do wish I had refrained from watching it. I think the film would be more powerful having not seen the event that kicks off the plot. This was another example of trailers revealing too much (I'm talking about you Terminator Genisys). My main concern is that this film does look full of sport movie clichés and doesn't seem to offer anything new to the Genre. I do hope I am wrong.

My Predicted Score: 82/100


After Seeing It

My guesses about this movie were fairly accurate. Jake Gyllenhaal turned in another incredible performance. Honestly, I don't know if Eminem could have made the film as good as Gyllenhaal did. I would still have loved to see Eminem in the role though. What shocked me about this movie was how sad it was. There were quite a few scenes where I actually thought I might start crying. Much of the credit for this goes to Gyllenhaal's daughter in the film (Oona Laurence). She stole almost every scene she was in. She made the strained relationship were her father believable and I really bought her performance. Look for her to become Hollywood's next great child actor. My fears were realized as well. Southpaw was so "by the numbers" that you could guess every plot beat before they happened. To the film's credit, that did not detract from the film too much. I do wish that the film had gotten slightly darker/sadder than it did, these were the elements that made it stand out from others in the genre. It just didn't go far enough and therefore this film turned out slightly to similar to many that have come before it.


  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Oona Laurence
  • Believable relationship between father and daughter
  • Shockingly sad(in a good way)
  • Soundtrack(provided by Eminem)


  • Disappointingly predictable
  • Trailer spoiled way too much
  • Stereotypical villains
  • Unbelievable negative public opinion of boxing champ after 1 incident. (People still like A-Rod)


My score: 76/100